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Aus Pressure Cleaning can organise for a fully qualified contractor to come to your home or business and quote and hopefully clean what ever hard surface you need washed on the spot! We know that people are busy in this day and age, so all our contractors like to come out to visit your place, have a look at the work that needs doing and if, and only if, you are happy with the quotation they can get the job done then and there for you on the spot. Aus Pressure Cleaning only uses fully qualified contractors who have all the necessary experience, equipment and insurances. You can be assured that when you are using an Aus Pressure Cleaner he will get the job done for you on the spot for the best possible price.

Aus Pressure Cleaning can pressure clean all surfaces for the Residential, Commercial and Industrial markets. High pressure cleaning utilises water in a high pressure form to remove surface layers of stains and foreign matter. At Aus Pressure Cleaning we use the most powerful industrial strength machinery to get rid of the toughest of stain. Usually pressurised water alone will suffice to clean 90% of general stains, however, for harder to rid stains and foreign matter such as oil stains, cement render and chewing gum we use a variety of environmentally friendly chemicals to lift off these more intense stains. We guarantee to not be beaten on price and to prove this to you, simply provide us with a written quotation from one of our competitors and we will match or beat this quote every time! Aus Pressure Cleaning can pressure wash the following areas for you:

 Driveways Pavers Footpaths
 Eaves Roof Areas Courtyards
 Brickwork Fencing Patio
Decking Pebblecrete Stencilcrete
Retaining Walls Painted Surfaces Timber Decking
 Plastic Surfaces Besser Blocks Marble Surfaces
 Signage Sandstone Graffiti Removal


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